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Over 50 years ago, Sovereign invented NOH2O®, a patented grout application for the mining industry predominantly designed to address high pressure, high in-flow rate water ingress.

Since then, Sovereign’s technology and services have been applied for water control in various subsurface mines and surface pits throughout the world – from Australia to Russia, Canada to the United Kingdom and in the United States and beyond. For mining applications, NOH2O® has been formulated so that set times can be controlled effectively in all water types, including saline and hypersaline formation waters typically found in Australia and in waters surrounding evaporite mines worldwide.


NOH2O® is a Polymer-Based Emulsion (PBE) grout and unique water sealing technology first developed in the 1970s. PBE is a suspension of colloidal polymer emulsoids dispersed in a solution of additives promoting flow and adhesion. PBE is a non-Newtonian, dilatant fluid; it sets by internal shear as the grout passes through fractures or other voids in water-bearing media. Set time may also be controlled chemically with the use of activator or inhibitor to regulate spread. Still, PBE is differentiated from solution grouts, because it is a single-part grout whose set does not require a chemical reaction. The tendency for PBE to set when agitated renders it useful in turbulent, high velocity flow situations where other types of grout will suffer dilution and washout.

Useful for:

  • Permeation Grouting to alter the permeability and cohesion characteristics of coarse-textured sediments and deeply weathered bedrock.
  • Reactive Grouting to rapidly respond to emergency situations such as gushing water.
  • Post Grouting to address residual seepage after construction of below-grade infrastructure such as shafts and tunnels.

NOH2O® Properties

  • Particle size < 1 micron.
  • Viscosity at point of injection = 1.5 centipoise.
  • Single part and miscible in water.
  • Wash-out resistant under high flow/high pressure conditions.
  • Controlled curing rates from 2 seconds to several days.
  • Sets effectively in saline and hypersaline formation waters.
  • Remains flexible after solidification. 350%+ Elasticity.
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength ≈ 5 MPa
  • Specific Gravity ≈ 0.97
  • No adverse effects from freezing after curing
  • No adverse effects from geothermal water
  • Curing is non-exothermic and non-expansive.
  • Safe to handle and environmentally friendly. Not classified as Dangerous Goods according to OSHA regulations.
  • Radiation resistant
  • 100+ year design life


Given its low viscosity and small particle size, PBE can penetrate and seal water in fine fractures. NOH2O® has successfully sealed discrete inflows at rates as high as 2600 gpm (165 l/s) and at pressures up to 2900 psi (20 MPa).


Mopani Copper Mines – Ventilation Shaft Grouting – Kitwe, Zambia, 2018-2019
XNA Sinclair
British Coal – Whitemoor Mine. No 2 shaft. (Cementation Mining Ltd. UK JV) – UK, 1997
Normandy Golden Grove – Scuddles Mine – Up-Cast Ventilation Shaft – WA,1992-1993
Gwithian Outfall Shaft, Penzance – Cornwall, England
Pasminco Mining – Broken Hill South Mine (No. 5 shaft and Raise Bore Holes) – New South Wales (NSW), Australia, 1990
Samancor – Waterkloof Mine raise bore holes – RSA, 1990
West Driefontein Gold Mine, Vaal Reefs No 11 Shaft – Transvaal, RSA, 1990
Northam Platinum Mine – No 1 shaft – Transvaal RSA, 1989