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Physical Properties of NOH2O® Polymer-Based Emulsion: A Flexible Grout Used for Water-Sealing in Mines and Underground Infrastructure (2020)
Physical Properties of Polymer-Based Emulsion (PBE): A Unique, Flexible, Water-Sealing Grout for the Mining, Tunneling and Nuclear Industries. (2019)
Water Ingress Mitigation Programs for Underground Mines – Geochemical and Rock Mechanical Demands on Grout Properties (2018)
Conceptual Isotope Hydrostratigraphic Models for North American Sedimentary Basins: Understanding Water Sources in Deep Subsurface Mines (2018)
Polymer Emulsion Grouting for Water Cutoff in Tunnel Structures (2017)
Leak Mitigation Grouting for New York Subway Tunnels (2017)
Curtain Grouting for Leak Mitigation in Tunnels (2017)
Water Sealing with NOH2O® on the Fukushima Site -17477 (2017)
The SCEM 66 Water Control System (1991)