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Leak Remediation
Sovereign Hydroseal provides leak remediation/water infiltration solutions for civil projects ranging from underground transportation structures, such as subway tunnels and stations, to dams, waste disposal sites and retaining walls.

Sovereign Hydroseal maintains the highest quality standards to achieve optimal results. A dedicated research and development team is continuously developing new sealing technologies for tomorrow’s challenges.

The use of NOH2O®, combined with our highly skilled and experienced installers and engineers, has found its way to almost every corner of the globe. Our clients include major transportation agencies in North America, Asia and Australia.
Sovereign has design/engineered, manufactured and successfully utilized NOH2O® injectable replacement bolts for steel/cast iron lined tunnel segments. Specifically at the Montague, Steinway and Queens Midtown tunnels in New York. These bolts have been patented, found applications in tunnels of a similar time era and have extended the service life of these tunnels along with eliminating decades of water leakage.