Over 50 years ago, Sovereign invented NOH2O®, a patented grout application for the mining industry predominantly designed to address high pressure, high in-flow rate water ingress.

Since then, Sovereign’s technology and services have been applied for water control in various subsurface mines and surface pits throughout the world – from Australia to Russia, Canada to the United Kingdom and in the United States and beyond. For mining applications, NOH2O® has been formulated so that set times can be controlled effectively in all water types, including saline and hypersaline formation waters typically found in Australia and in waters surrounding evaporite mines worldwide.

June 26, 2023


Sovereign Hydroseal provides long-term waterproofing and water infiltration solutions for civil projects ranging from underground transportation structures, such as subway tunnels and stations, to dams, waste disposal sites and retaining walls. Projects have been focused in major cities where the Sovereign team of specialists are accustomed to working in congested areas with limited space to operate. In particular, transportation agencies throughout North America rely on our expertise and experience to perform work during regularly scheduled maintenance intervals.

May 22, 2023