Pasminco Mining – Broken Hill South Mine (No. 5 shaft and Raise Bore Holes) – New South Wales (NSW), Australia, 1990

Broken Hill No. 5 Ventilation Shaft. During sinking of a new shaft, water entered the pilot hole at 300 liters per minute, despite a major cement grouting program from surface. Reaming of the pilot hole to 6.5 meters increased the flow to 850 liters per minute. In-shaft grouting with SCEM66 during 1990 reduced the shaft water make to 15 liters per minute.

Broken Hill Raise Bore Holes. The ingress of water into two 2.4-meter diameter raise bore holes (one each used for transport and ventilation) was reduced using SCEM66 from 60 liters per minute to less than 5 liters per minute in one shaft and from 120 liters per minute to less than 20 liters per minute in the other.