NYCT – South Ferry Terminal, 2015


Project Overview

The South Ferry Terminal Complex was severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. As a result of the Station being entirely submerged in saltwater, the entire Station underwent a total makeover. Prior to this event, Station enhancements had been completed in 2009. However, water infiltration remained a problem. In 2015, Sovereign was tasked to design a solution utilizing NOH2O® to mitigate water infiltration and ensure a dry Station.


Sovereign developed a two-phase approach/plan. Phase 1 treated the entire Station cut & cover box, and Phase 2 focused on the adjacent facility rooms and tunnels.


Phase 1 was completed in 8 weeks. Phase 2 was completed in 12 weeks.  Work was completed during both day and night shifts. The application of NOH2O® successfully formed a membrane along the outside of the station and tunnel structures, rendering them dry.

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