MTACC – 34th Street Hudson Yards, 2016


Project Overview

NYCT’s 34th Street -Hudson Yards Subway Station, which opened to the public in September 2015, was plagued by water infiltration very shortly after its opening. The water leaks impacted the operation of escalators, created slippery walking surfaces and damaged architectural finishes. In 2016, Sovereign was tasked to design a solution involving application of NOH2O® to mitigate impacts to the station’s operation and the unsightly conditions.


Sovereign developed a two-phase approach/plan. Phase 1 focused on treatment of areas accessible and visible to the public.  Phase 2 addressed leaks in the non-public concourse areas and a ventilation shaft.


Phase 1, completed in 6 weeks by working 12-hour night shifts, reduced impacts to the public while the Station remained in service throughout the program. Phase 2 was completed in 8 weeks, with work shifts varying between day and night shifts.

The initially-planned duration of the leak remediation work (6 months) was shortened to 3 months.

34th Street – Hudson Yards Station is free of unwanted water infiltration.

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