Construction Waterproofing: Traditional vs. Sovereign Hydroseal

The construction industry faces significant challenges in the United States, with construction waterproofing affecting 40% of structures. However, the right investment in below-grade waterproofing is only about 1% of your construction budget. It saves you an equal amount or more in repair costs and maintenance through the structure’s life cycle. To realize these benefits, you need effective waterproofing solutions that address your structure’s below-ground integrity. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of traditional waterproofing methods compared to the innovative approach taken by Sovereign Hydroseal, utilizing our Polymer based emulsion Grout NOH2O®.

The Limitations of Traditional Construction Waterproofing Methods

When planning your construction project, deciding on the right path for below-grade waterproofing is important for the longevity of your structure. With traditional methods, you can experience complications that compromise structural integrity.

Infographic detailing the limitations of traditional construction waterproofing methods, like HDPE liners, and Bentonite Seals.

1. HDPE Liners

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) liners, known for their robustness, are widely used for below-grade waterproofing. Typically, these liners are about 30–100 mm thick and are designed to resist various environmental stressors. However, their effectiveness hinges on the integrity of seam welding. Any oversight here can lead to leaks. Even with rigorous standards, HDPE methods deem some level of leakage acceptable, which poses a risk to your construction waterproofing time. Constrastingly, Sovereign Hydroseal’s Polymer Grout NOH2O® provides a seamless and more reliable barrier. That way, we can mitigate those same risks.

2. Bentonite Seals

Another traditional construction waterproofing method that is popular among grouting contractors, is the use of Bentonite – a naturally occurring clay that swells when it makes contact with water. The Bentonite then creates a dense seal. While this quality makes it a popular choice for waterproofing, it has drawbacks. Bentonite seals can be compromised if they aren’t properly confined. They rely on consistent hydrostatic pressure to maintain their sealing properties. Their performance can fluctuate based on water content and soil movement, sometimes leading to long-term stability issues. Sovereign Hydroseal’s approach, with its adaptability and consistent performance, surpasses the limitations inherent to bentonite seals.

While traditional methods are useful, they have specific conditions and limitations that can affect their long-term effectiveness. Sovereign Hydroseal’s innovative waterproofing solutions offer a more advanced and reliable alternative, addressing the shortcomings of these traditional methods with modern, scientifically proven techniques.

Sovereign Hydroseal’s NOH2O® Innovations: Why We Excel At Construction Waterproofing In The United States

Our below-grade waterproofing solutions mark a significant advancement in protecting your construction projects. With a focus on long-term efficacy and adaptability, these methods – which are especially useful for permeation grouting – stand out from the traditional waterproofing approaches we discussed. 

Infographic highlighting the uses of Sovereign Hydroseal's Polymer-based Emulsion Grout NOH2O®, Vita, Impervious, and finite


When it comes to post-construction waterproofing, NOH2O® VITA, a polymer-based emulsion grout, excels in sealing water leaks. Various structures built with concrete, steel, and earthen materials can use this method. Its adaptability allows for application in different forms, from single to multiple-component mixtures, ensuring a versatile solution for:

  • Curtain Grouting: Creates a robust barrier against water intrusion.
  • Back Wall Grouting: Effectively seals off seepage through walls and floors.
  • Remedial and Permeation Grouting: Targets and solidifies the geological makeup, improving stability and water resistance.


When activated, this liquid grout is designed for pre-construction phases and transforms into a durable membrane. You can use this method for permeation grouting, or:

  • Design-build installations: Serves as a reliable waterproofing membrane.
  • Comprehensive pre-tunneling and pre-construction sealing: Addresses water intrusion at the earliest construction stages, preventing potential future leakage and benefiting the overall construction schedule.


Specialized for negative-side injection – also known as negative-side grouting – this method is perfect for addressing localized leaks:

  • Crack and joint sealing: Offers a permanent solution to localized water seepage.
  • Infrastructure maintenance: Ideal for underground settings like subway stations, conduits/utility penetrations, and utility vaults, ensuring seamless operation and safety.

These methods provide not just solutions but reassurance. Sovereign Hydroseal’s NOH2O® products bring durability, versatility, and reliability to the forefront of construction waterproofing. Our unique approach meets the industry’s stringent demands and sets a new standard in ensuring your projects stay dry, secure, and intact.

Construction Waterproofing: Comparing Performance and Versatility

After highlighting the deficiencies with traditional methods used by many grouting contractors, it’s clear that the construction industry needs more advanced waterproofing solutions like the ones we provide at Sovereign Hydroseal. Polymers currently make up about 35% of the below-grade waterproofing market, but it is continuing to rise as a choice for grouting contractors. Sovereign Hydroseal’s techniques redefine the norms of construction waterproofing, setting new benchmarks in performance and versatility.

A truck loaded with waterproofing equipment. Text details new benchmarks in waterproofing performance and versatility.

Enhanced Penetration Ability

NOH2O® revolutionizes construction waterproofing with its unmatched penetration ability. Unlike traditional grouts, which have particles too large to infiltrate finer cracks, NOH2O®’s innovative formula has particles smaller than 1 micron. It creates a deep penetration into the smallest voids, giving you a comprehensive seal to prevent leaks other solutions can’t reach. Our performance in sealing intricate voids translates into robust below-grade waterproofing, which is essential for the integrity of your projects.

Proven Durability: Setting New Benchmarks for Grouting Contractors

When it comes to durability, NOH2O® outperforms conventional materials with a construction waterproofing solution that lasts decades. Once cured, NOH2O® maintains its sealing properties without degradation. This longevity reduces the need for frequent maintenance or reapplication—a significant cost-saving factor for your projects.  

Comprehensive Environmental Resistance in the United States & Canada

Our innovative methods at Sovereign Hydroseal demonstrate exceptional environmental resistance, a testament to our advanced grout formula. Our products can withstand extreme conditions, from high radiation to thermal variations and intense hydrostatic pressures. You get continued performance where other grouts falter. Your construction project gets a waterproofing solution that adapts to varying site conditions, ensuring project success regardless of environmental challenges.

Below-Grade Waterproofing Versatility Across Applications

Various sectors use NOH2O® for its utility in permeation grouting, reactive grouting, and post grouting, including mining, civil construction, and complex underground infrastructures. Its efficacy in sealing high-flow water intrusions at pressures up to 17,000 kilopascals makes it a trusted choice for challenging projects. At Sovereign Hydroseal, our methods have technical superiority, positioning NOH2O® as a comprehensive solution for diverse waterproofing needs.

An infographic explaining how NOH2O® revolutionizes construction waterproofing with its penetration ability and durability.

Your Partner For Advanced Construction Waterproofing Solutions In The USA & Canada

At Sovereign Hydroseal, we are the forefront provider of advanced waterproofing solutions. With over 50 years of experience and a track record of success, we specialize in tackling the USA’s most demanding construction waterproofing challenges. Let’s work together to safeguard your structures against water intrusion and damage. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and how we can tailor our NOH2O® solutions to your specific needs. Connect with us through our contact form, email us at, or call us at +1 646.649.5878.